Contact lens lovers must have, love eye care TIPS

The information age, in fact, is also an era of excessive use of eyes, life is filled with a large number of electronic information, coupled with poor diet and rest habits, frequent wear of contact lenses, not only cause the human endocrine system disorders, more serious eye fatigue. A series of eye problems such as decreased vision and dry eyes come one after another, which is the SOS signal sent by the eyes. So how do you save your overworked eyes? Small series for you contact lens enthusiasts to provide a few tips.

First, use your eyes correctly. Using electronic devices for a long time, staring at the screen is a big taboo, pay attention to maintain the distance between the eyes and the screen, and appropriately reduce the brightness of the screen. In the case of poor ambient light, do not stare at the electronic screen, do not lie reading and reading mobile phones.

Second, take breaks. During breaks from work or study, you can choose to do eye exercises, close your eyes, or avert your eyes to the distance. We should remember the "three 20 rule", that is, relax with the eyes every 20 minutes, blink 20 times, and look 20 meters away, preferably a green reference, to help protect vision.

Third, eliminate fatigue. Hot compress your eyes with a towel for 5 minutes every morning and evening, which can promote blood circulation around the eyes, effectively reduce fatigue, and remove dark circles and bags under the eyes. It should be noted that symptoms such as eyelid allergy and swelling require cold compresses, and if the eyes have inflammation, hot compresses and cold compresses are not suitable.

Fourth, pay attention to sun protection. Uv damage to the eyes is long-term and chronic. When the sun is most intense from 12 noon to 2 PM, you can wear sunglasses, and if necessary, add an umbrella and a sun hat to supplement the sun protection.

In addition, it is equally important to maintain a balanced and reasonable diet. In the daily diet, we should increase the intake of vitamin A and vitamin E, eat more animal liver, carrots, sesame, walnuts, etc., but also eat more lean meat, milk and other foods rich in high-quality protein.