Frequently asked questions about contact lens wearing and answers

Frequently asked questions about contact lens wearing and answers

People who wear contact lenses for the first time may have a lot of questions about the details, today author has summarized some common problems about contact lens wearing, and explained one or two for everyone.


First, how to distinguish the front and back of the lens?

It is actually very simple to distinguish the front and back of the lens, as long as the lens is placed between the thumb and index finger, the lens is front up, if the lens is stuck on the two fingers, it is reverse up. Correctly distinguish between the front and back is a necessary step before wearing, if wearing reverse contact lenses is easy to cause foreign body sensation.

Second, why is the lens always stuck on the finger to wear it?

If the contact lens does not fit against the eye, you need to check if the finger is too wet. Contact lens material is very hydrophilic, if the finger moisture can cause the lens to stick to the finger and not stick to the eyeball. Before wearing a mirror, cleaning your hands is the correct step, but be careful to dry your fingers.


Third, just put on contact lenses have foreign body feeling normal?

It is normal to have foreign body sensation when wearing contact lenses at the first time, because the lens is a foreign body for the eye, and it takes a period of time to adapt. In order to relieve eye discomfort, the first day of wearing time should be controlled within 2 hours, and then gradually increase the wearing time. However, if the foreign body feeling is very strong and still cannot be relieved after a week, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time for examination.

Four, wear a half day results can not find the lens how to do?

Generally speaking, the lens will not appear in the eye can not find the situation, can not find the lens is likely to be not successfully put into the eye, you can look for the lens on the ground around. In order to prevent contact lenses from falling, author suggests that you try to lay a paper towel on the desktop to avoid damage caused by the lens falling on the ground.