Half a year throw contact lens good?

Half-year disposable contact lenses need to be discarded within half a year, most of them are low-water contact lenses. As a result of the half - year comparative economic benefits, so occupy a considerable part of the market. So, today we are going to talk about half a year to throw contact lenses good.


From the point of view of use cycle, half a year is more in line with the wear cycle of most people. If people do not often wear contact lenses, the purchase of short cycle abandonment lenses may form a waste, many times only wear a few times will expire, need to replace a new pair of lenses, compared with half a year to throw more cost-effective. Compared with annual throwing, half-year throwing replacement time is shorter, can effectively avoid excessive accumulation of protein precipitation, so it is more safe and healthy.

From the point of view of health, half a year throw can be replaced in the actual use of 5 months or so, in health is also more guaranteed. After contact lenses expire, the lenses will begin to age and deformation, the antibacterial performance is greatly weakened, more easily infected by bacteria or viruses, wearing expired contact lenses will bring inestimable damage to the eyes, so we must not use more than 6 months of half-year throwing contact lenses oh!


Although the characteristics of the half-year throw are not as prominent as the daily throw, but the performance of various data are relatively balanced, and the lens has a good degree of forming, can effectively reduce protein precipitation, but also easier to adapt, is more popular for novice wearers to abandon. However, due to the longer use time of half a year, the protein precipitation generated after wearing still needs to buy nursing solution to clean and maintain the lens. As long as everyone can cooperate with the nursing solution to care every day, the quality of the lens and eye health can be guaranteed.