How do colored contact lenses match skin tone?

 The biggest difference between colored contact lenses and transparent lenses is that colored contact lenses should be matched, so today we will talk about the secret of color contact lenses and skin color.


The skin color of Asian people is mainly yellow, and on this basis, it is divided into yellow and black, natural yellow, white and so on. The color contact lenses on the market cover almost all colors, and with the upgrading of the process, it has gradually increased the layer of double, three, four layers and other layers of color superposition, and there are all kinds of complicated fashion, full of design pattern.

In general, for Asians, black, brown, and coffee are very safe and versatile colors. In fact, no matter what kind of skin color, the choice of this kind of color is generally not wrong, and most Asian eyes are black to dark brown, with black, brown, coffee color contact lenses can achieve the effect of natural amplification, not obtrusive, excellent integration.


Of course, in addition to the color itself, the depth and transparency will also affect the effect. The more transparent black and brown system will be more natural, suitable for daily relaxed occasions, and the more colorful black and brown system will bring more obvious amplification effect. However, it should be noted that too strong color will make the eyes dull and lack of vitality, if the pursuit of magnification effect, you can turn to the dark lock pattern, if you want to make the eyes more profound, you can choose radial stripe pattern.

Although blue, gray, green is also a very popular color system, but easy to appear more exaggerated, but also more suitable for fair skin people wear. If you want to try, it is best to match the makeup, and this type of color is suitable for more fashionable places, such as bars, concerts, parties, etc., will give a lot of styling points.