How does a novice wear contact lenses?

Novices of contact lenses often feel that they don't know where to start wearing them after purchasing contact lenses, so this article can provide you with some basic help.


First, keep in mind that cleaning and disinfection must be done before all operations. It is best to use running water to wash your hands, and prepare a lint-free towel to ensure that the moisture on the fingers is dried and the residue of fluff is avoided, so as to prevent dust, bacteria, fluff and other pollution on the hands. Lenses and eyes.

When wearing it formally, you should use two fingers to press the roots of the eyelashes, and gently pull the upper and lower eyelids open, so that the black eyeballs can be fully exposed. Take out a lens, place it on the pulp of the index finger of the right hand, keep the eye slightly upward, push the lens into the eye with your finger, gently turn the eyeball a few times to make the lens fit perfectly, and then release the eyelid. After that, put on another lens in the same way.


The difficulty of novice wearing is mainly the need to overcome psychological barriers. If you keep blinking because of tension, it is easy to cause the eyelashes to block the lens or the eyelid to push the lens out of the eye. When wearing, try to push the lens into the eye as hard as possible, and the contact lens will be adsorbed on the eyeball by itself.

When a novice wears contact lenses, they should also pay attention to correctly distinguish the front and back sides, so as to avoid a strong foreign body sensation caused by wearing contact lenses. When you first wear it, the eyes may have many uncomfortable reactions due to discomfort, which usually disappears on their own within a few days. However, it should be noted that if the discomfort persists or even worsens, you should stop wearing it immediately and see a doctor as soon as possible.