How to Avoid the Endangerment of Wearing the Contact Lens for a Long Time ?

Many people start to wear the contact lens instead of frame glasses for the sake of beauty. Because the contact lens directly touch the cornea, it is classified as the 3rd-type medical device, which is strictly supervised by the nation. With the relatively high risk, is there any way to avoid the potential risk of wearing contact lens for a long time ? 

First, wear the contact lens for a long time doesn’t represent wear every day. If wear the contact lens every day, it will cause the hypoxia of cornea. In a state of fatigue for a long time, the eyes easily grow new blood vessels. Especially if we don’t take off the contact lens while afternoon nap, even wear continuously for more than 10 hours, it will easily cause damage to the cornea. Hence, please pay attention to the reasonable arrangement and set aside at least 1 or 2 days of time every week to make the eyes take a rest. It is advised to control the wearing time within 8 hours every day. 

Second, the procedure of cleaning and sterilizing is indispensable. Because of the material, contact lens easily absorbs lipids and proteins. Scrubbing is the best cleaning method, which could not be replaced by the care solution with any function. Especially for the yearly and 6-monthly disposal contact lens, after long-term wearing, the sediments will be more and more, which eventually affect the comfort level and safety. Anyhow, scrubbing and soaking the contact lens with care solution after wear is needed. 

        Finally, wearing the contact lens for a long time will inescapably meet with adverse reactions. In the low immunity period of the body such as sensitive period, physiological period, etc., the cornea easily causes edema, which could make the eyes uncomfortable and cause abrasion to the cornea. Once has uncomfortable feeling, taking off the contact lens immediately is needed. While encountered with the serious symptoms such as pain, casual drug use is not advised. We must consult the professional doctor.

Human eye is vulnerable and sensitive, but it is possessed with the self-adjusting ability as well. If wear the contact lens for a long time, we must use according to the specification. Paying attention to the adequate rest time of the eyes and keeping eye sanitation is needed. In this way, we could make the eyes much more beautiful and healthy.