How to determine the deterioration of contact lenses?

 Under normal circumstances, we classify the damage, deformation and even fragmentation of the lens as the deterioration of the lens. As long as the parameters of the contact lens change, it is not suitable to continue to wear. So, how to judge the deterioration of contact lenses?


The main cause of contact lens deterioration is improper operation. Contact lenses are very soft but also very fragile, sharp tweezers, too long fingernails, etc., are easy to leave scratches and even tears on the lens. If the contact lens is dehydrated for a long time, the lens will become brittle and dry, and it will break when touched, so remember that you cannot remove the contact lens in advance, and the water in the lens will soon evaporate after you remove the care solution. If you delay some time because you are not skilled in wearing the lens, you need to put the contact lens back into the care solution to soak to replenish water.

There is also a high probability of lens damage during care. If you rub your fingers too hard or use a cleaner with too much strength, you may cause a lot of subtle damage to the surface of the lens. In addition, when soaking contact lenses, do not use other liquids to replace the care solution, such as mineral water, tap water, eye drops and other liquids are not suitable for soaking contact lenses, may cause parameter changes.


Expiration can also cause contact lenses to deteriorate. In general, contact lenses should be worn strictly according to the use cycle, and can be abandoned in advance, but can not be used beyond the deadline. Contact lenses that are past their expiration date will start to deteriorate slowly and are not effective in preventing bacterial growth, so they are not suitable for continued wear.

Once the contact lens deteriorates, there will be a very strong sense of discomfort when worn into the eye, because the parameters have completely changed, it must not continue to wear, otherwise it will bring great damage to the eyes.