How to do when wearing contact lens eye dry?

Long-term wearing contact lenses large probability will encounter dry eyes and discomfort, how is this caused, and how should we do?

Wearing contact lenses will feel dry eyes may be the water content of the choice is not suitable. High-water lenses may feel comfortable when first worn, but as moisture evaporates, contact lenses absorb tears to replenish moisture, which can lead to dry eyes.


In addition to the water content of the factor, if the contact lens care is not thoroughly clean, residual protein precipitation blocked in the lens oxygen hole, will also cause corneal hypoxia, dry eyes and other problems, coupled with the bad habit of excessive eye use, long-term may also cause corneal inflammation.

If your eyes are slightly dry, you can use eye moisturizer or artificial tears without preservatives, but be careful not to use them too often. If necessary, you can stop wearing contact lenses for a few days to allow the cornea to repair itself and relieve discomfort. If the indoor environment is dry, you can also use a humidifier to improve the air humidity.


If the symptoms of dryness are serious and can not be effectively relieved after a short period of stop wearing, you should temporarily change to wearing glasses and seek medical attention in time. It is best to do a comprehensive examination to avoid further deterioration of symptoms into eye diseases such as dry eye, and then consider wearing contact lenses after the symptoms are completely improved.

Eye protection is very important, we should pay attention to develop good eye habits in daily life, less stay up late, you can also use a hot towel to compress the eyes every night, can accelerate blood circulation and relieve eye fatigue.