How to Handle with Bloodshot Eyes While Wearing Contact Lens ?

Nowadays, more and more people are accustomed to use contact lens. But they are encountered with all kinds of discomforts as well, generally common symptoms such as foreign body sensation, dry eyes, etc. On most occasions, those symptoms could be relieved through wearing for less time and taking more rest. However, the bloodshot eyes are usually caused by inappropriate wearing and attention must be paid to. Here let us learn something about how to handle with bloodshot eyes while wearing contact lens.

If the bloodshot eyes are not relieved for a long time and even have the symptoms such as sore eyes and lacrimation, then there is possibility of causing diseases such as conjunctivitis. If you are neglectful and careless in the aspect of hygiene and sterilization in daily life, there is possibility of causing bacterial infection and eroding the cornea, which lead to a variety of inflammation. In this case, you must immediately stop wearing the contact lens and consult the doctor. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, targeted treatment should be conducted.

Bloodshot eyes might be caused by contact lens friction as well, which is relatively common while wearing contact lens for the first time. If the foreign body sensation is strong and you wear the reverse side of the contact lens, it will cause the abrasion to the cornea, which would lead to the bloodshot eyes and swelling. In this case, you need to stop wearing contact lens for some time to let the symptoms be relieved. If symptoms persist and worsen, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

If you wear the contact lens for too long time, it will affect the corneal breathing, and make the cornea oxygen deficit and congestive. If the oxygen deficit exists for a long time, it will cause regenerative vascular reaction. The oxygen permeability of the contact lens is closely related with the parameters such as material and thickness. You could try to select the silicon hydrogel contact lens or short-period disposal contact lens.

Another point that is often overlooked is too small base curve will cause bloodshot eyes as well. This is because too tight adsorption of the contact lens causes pressure to the eyeball and obstructs the blood supply to the eyes, which would lead to the over-fatigue of the eyes. In this case, you could change the brand and product, and find a suitable base curve.

Through the above method, the problems of bloodshot eyes could be solved to a great extent. If it doesn’t get better, you could consult the doctor for specialized treatment.