How to wear contact lenses?

For the wearer, improper operation of wearing glasses may cause different degrees of damage to the eyeball and cornea. So, how should contact lenses be worn?


Beginners should try it on under the guidance of professionals. Before putting on your glasses, wash your hands and dry them with a lint-free towel. Take out the contact lens and place it on the finger pulp, open the upper and lower eyelids with the other hand, hold the lens with the finger pulp and move it to the front of the eyeball, slightly tilt the angle to push the contact lens into the eye in one breath, and wait until the lens is completely fitted The eyelid can then be lowered after the eyeball is removed.

When girls need to wear makeup, they should wash their hands and put on the contact lenses first, and then start the makeup steps. Even so, when applying makeup, they should try to avoid using too many powder products around the eyes. When removing makeup, you should first wash your hands and remove the lenses before removing makeup, so as to prevent cosmetics and makeup removers from entering the eyes and causing infection.


The first-time wearer will experience some uncomfortable reactions at the beginning of wearing, such as slight dry eyes, foreign body sensation, or temporary blurred vision. These symptoms will gradually reduce until disappear after a few days of wearing, but if the adverse reactions continue to worsen, you must stop wearing and consult an ophthalmologist in time.

Improper use of contact lenses can cause corneal damage, eye inflammation, and a serious infection that can lead to blindness. Everyone needs to perform vision examination and fundus health screening according to the requirements of the doctor, and choose the appropriate contact lens according to the optometry results and the curvature of the eyeball. People with ocular surface inflammation or chronic eye diseases are not suitable for wearing contact lenses and should try to avoid wearing contact lenses.