Identify the front and back of contact lenses

Contact lenses are beautiful and convenient, but they are easy to wear backwards because of their thin texture, which brings unnecessary damage to the eyes. Today, we will learn how to identify the front and back of contact lenses with author!


 At present, the most common and easiest way to identify is to place the lens at the wearing rod or fingertip for observation, if the lens edge of the arc is rounded and inwards, showing the so-called "bowl shape", then it is positive upward, which can be directly worn in the next step. When the back side up, the lens often shows a so-called "disc", the edge turns outward, such a state to wear into the eye, light may cause strong foreign body sensation, heavy cornea and then cause infection.


Of course, in addition to the general identification method, if you buy color contact lenses, you can also distinguish through the pattern and color, and can more easily identify the front and back. For transparent lenses, when the first-time wearer is not clear about the "bowl" and "dish", there are other ways to quickly identify them. For example, the lens can be placed between the index finger and thumb, and the lens will close when the front is up, and the edge of the lens will be raised and attached to the finger when the back is up. When using this method to distinguish between the front and back, pay attention to gentle intensity to avoid pinching the lens.

At the beginning of wearing contact lenses, you need to observe and compare more, and after being skilled, you can easily identify the front and back. If you accidentally wear it backwards, the feeling of grinding the eyes is still delayed, you must remove the lens, and re-check the wear after cleaning to avoid eye injury and inflammation.