Often wear contact lens how to protect an eye?

The eye is the most important sense organ of human body, protect an eye cannot careless, so often the crowd that wears contact lens how should protect an eye again?

Ophthalomological examination is very important to the professional optician or hospital to check, is not only to measure the accurate degree, but also to assess whether eye conditions suitable for wearing contact lenses, eliminate fundus disease, also can seek advice to some contact lens related knowledge and use of the method, the correct pick wearing operation to avoid damage to the cornea.


There are many taboos about using contact lenses. In addition to maintaining clean, which is often mentioned, irritation of the cornea should be avoided during special periods when the body's immune system is weakened, such as colds, periods of menstruation, allergies and so on.Contact lenses are convenient for exercise, but there is a risk of slipping during strenuous exercise, and they should not be worn for water-related activities.

The normal physiological function of the cornea depends on the supply of oxygen, 80% of which is obtained from the air.The lenses are attached to the eye for too long, creating a barrier that blocks corneal breathing.If your eyes are sensitive and dry, choose a material with a higher oxygen permeability.


Daily cleaning care can not only ensure the clarity and comfort of the lens, but also effectively extend the service life of the lens.When the protein precipitation is too much, it will affect the visual effect, plug the oxygen permeability hole, aggravate the eye discomfort, and easy to breed bacteria.

Eyes are an important channel for people to get information. While wearing invisibility, we should also pay attention to protecting our eyes.Avoid excessive use eye, reduce to stay up late, supplement vitamin, protein and moisture more on food at the same time, lets beauty and health go together.