The characteristics of annual throwing and half-year throwing contact lenses

Annual throwing, half-year throwing is also known as traditional contact lenses, compared with frame glasses, contact lenses do not produce prism effect, the visual effect is open and real, without any color difference, while the small lens is convenient to carry, comfortable to wear, beautiful and generous. Traditional contact lenses reduce part of the water content in order to enhance tolerance and strength, and also to reduce precipitation production, which also limits oxygen permeability.


Protein deposits on lenses are associated with many eye complications, and too much precipitation can accelerate lens aging. Due to the long service cycle of annual throwing and half-year throwing, the frequency of lens replacement is low, so sediment is easier to accumulate. When the sediment is deposited too much, it will affect the clarity of the lens, but also lead to foreign body sensation, bacteria in the sediment above a large number of breeding, will also affect the safety of wearing.

If you use annual or half-year contact lenses, author recommends standardized operation, timely cleaning, and must pay special attention to the cleaning and care of the lenses. If necessary, it is not necessary to use the specified cycle, and the new contact lenses can be replaced 1-2 months in advance according to the actual situation.


Traditional contact lenses are popular with first-time wearers because they are reasonably priced, have good lens shape, are easy to operate, and do not worsen dry eyes. However, because of the unskilled wearing of the mirror, it is easy to cause all kinds of problems in the process of operation, which is a point that the first wearer needs to pay particular attention to.

In order to wear health, the correct care and use of contact lenses is very important, but also pay attention to eye health, if the cornea is damaged and then wear contact lenses is easy to cause infection, we must be careful operation.