The potential hazards of wearing contact lenses

Human eyes are sensitive and fragile, and for contact lens wearers, especially long-term wearers, if they do not use contact lenses carefully, the consequences can be extremely painful. So, what are the potential hazards of wearing contact lenses?


1. Eye resistance decreases. Due to hypoxia, excessive use of eyes, wearing contact lenses is easy to cause visual fatigue, often manifested as eye swelling, pain, dry itching, may also produce foreign body sensation, burning sensation and so on. If the cornea is in a state of hypoxia for a long time, it will affect the physiological function of the eyes, and the cornea can not be properly metabolized properly. In this case, it is easy to be invaded by bacteria and cause infection.

2. Long-term dry eyes and cause dry eyes. Contact lenses have high water content and are highly hydrophilic. After wearing a lens, it is easy to destroy the stability of the tear film. After the evaporation of water in the eye, the lens also needs to absorb tears to supplement the water, which naturally leads to the dry feeling and foreign body feeling in the eyes.


3. Wear aying corneal tissue. If the fit of the contact lens is not good, the base arc, diameter and other parameters are not appropriate, then the blink of the lens will keep friction in the eye, once the sediment on the lens is not completely removed or some slight damage on the lens, it may also cause corneal epithelial shedding and other consequences, and even lead to vision loss.

4. Hypodontic corneal perception. Lens attached to the eyeball will paralyze the nerve, and even if inflammation occurs, it is not quickly detected, often delaying treatment. Long-term wear of contact lenses should be consciously to the eye hospital regularly review the fundus, in order to facilitate timely detection of abnormal conditions.

In short, in order to wear contact lenses safely, one is to be, correct operation, pay attention to health, two is to appear in the eye of various discomfort symptoms, timely stop wearing observation, as soon as possible to the eye hospital examination.