What can't you do while wearing contact lenses?

What can't you do while wearing contact lenses?

Wearing contact lenses requires special attention to eye cleanliness and hygiene, so there are many contraindications during use. Today, let's take a look at the things you should avoid when wearing contact lenses!

Wearing contact lenses cannot swim, play in the water, etc. Because there are many microorganisms and bacteria in the water, if you wear contact lenses, unclean water will easily cause inflammation when entering the eyes. If you participate in water sports such as diving and surfing, you may also wash your contact lenses, so you should remove your contact lenses as early as possible and store them properly.


Do not stay in a dirty, dusty environment after wearing contact lenses. The fine dust is easily absorbed by the contact lens, and then transferred to the lens and the eyeball with the blink of an eye, which will not only cause friction to the eyeball, but may also cause a large number of bacteria to grow, which will cause corneal inflammation.

Do not sleep with contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses overnight will cause hypoxia of the cornea, redness and inflammation of the eyes, and sleep without taking off contact lenses for a long time will lead to a series of eye diseases, and may even lead to blindness, with very serious consequences.


Do not put eye drops while wearing contact lenses. Therapeutic eye drops may have a certain impact on the material of the lens, and it may burn the eyes due to the high concentration of the drug when used directly when wearing the lens. If you experience dry eyes, you can use artificial tears without preservatives. Other types of eye drops should only be used when you are not wearing glasses.

Contact lenses are also not suitable for long flights. The cabin is a closed space, and the eyes are prone to dryness and discomfort. At the same time, the air pressure will also have a certain impact on the cornea and intraocular pressure. Contact lenses may be deformed or dehydrated and dry, which is not only easy to break, but also rubs the cornea and aggravates the discomfort.