What is the General Price of Contact Lens ?

For the contact lens, safety and comfort is always the most preferential factor. But, what people are most concerned about is the price of the contact lens. 

In fact, the competition between domestic brand and import brand in the market is increasingly serious. It leads to huge difference of the contact lens price, which ranges from dozens of RMB, more than one hundred RMB to even more than two or three hundred RMB. Regarding the price of contact lens, we should make a concrete analysis of the concrete conditions.

 According to different distribution channel, the contact lens price is usually hugely distinct. If purchase in some physical stores such as boutique and optical store, the operating cost is naturally a little higher. Although the displayed product in the shop is limited, the after-sale service is guaranteed. Besides, in some standard optical store, we could conduct the optometry test. The recommendation based upon the test result is more reliable. Or, we could purchase on online shop, which is convenient with diverse designs and better price. 

According to different standards, such as category, lens material, production process, disposal period, function and application, the contact lens price naturally differs from each other. These standards could help us better meet the different needs of wearing and provide multiple choice. For example, in the aspect of the material, silicone hydrogel with higher oxygen permeability is several times more expensive than the hydrogel, which is still universally admired by the group of people with sensitive eyes.  

Whether the contact lens price is expensive or cheap, it has its respective reasons and justifications. What we should eventually focus on is the lens care and wearing habit, not only constantly struggle on the high and low of the price.