What should we pay attention to when wearing contact lenses for the first time?

It's no wonder that contact lenses are so attractive to people with refractive errors because they reduce the thickness, liberate the bridge of the nose and restore the original glamour of the eyes. When you first wear contact lenses, you always have a choice, but when you get them, you are always at a loss. Today, Jilin Rilkang brings detailed knowledge of how to wear contact lenses for beginners.

For first contact contact contact lens partners, it is best to avoid buying Japanese throw style. Because Daily Throw is softer than Material, novice may not be easy to wear in the eyes. If you encounter problems such as wearing back, discomfort and so on, you need to remove the lenses. At this time, the lenses have actually been polluted, and wearing them again may cause inflammation.

It is normal to have foreign body sensation when wearing it at first. The eyes can adapt by gradually prolonging the wearing time. For example, two hours on the first day, four hours on the second day, and so on. However, be careful not to wear contact lenses every day, so that the eyes can rest.

When wearing, relax and try patiently. For the first time wearing contact lenses, some people may only need 5 minutes, while others need 1 hour. It's hard for sensitive people to keep their eyes open without blinking. It's important to be patient. In order to wear glasses to remove glasses faster, you can drop a little eye moisturizer to keep the eyes moist, which can be better operated.

For the sake of eye health, even if there is no discomfort, a professional ophthalmological examination should be conducted at least once a year, and bad wearing habits should not be allowed to become hotbeds for eye diseases. Jilin Rierkang Contact Glasses Co., Ltd. uses modern management to form a standardized and standardized production process, and adopts a comprehensive and effective quality control program to ensure product quality.