Will wearing contact lenses make the degree deeper and deeper?

"Wearing glasses can not be taken off, the degree will gradually deepen", this argument has been existing since the popularity of frame glasses, has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. And now, with contact lenses on the rise, this argument extends to contact lenses. So, will wearing contact lenses affect the degree?


 IIn fact, neither frame glasses nor contact lenses will cause the degree to deepen. The reasons for vision loss are very complex, some are influenced by congenital genetic factors, such as the probability of high myopia will be greatly increased, etc., and some are influenced by acquired environmental factors, such as improper use of the eye, excessive use of the eye, etc., which are not directly related to glasses. On the contrary, after wearing frame glasses and contact lenses, the vision correction effect is good, which can alleviate the muscle fatigue of the lens and other parts, and avoid further development of degree.


Moreover, it is also a misconception that wearing glasses will lead to eye deformation. The main cause of eye deformation is the expansion of the diameter of the eye caused by the extension of the eye axis, and contact lenses provide the right degree for the eyes, people will not often squint to see things, but also improve and delay the problem of eye deformation. Therefore, as long as you pay attention to the correct use of the eyes, wearing the right degree of frame glasses or contact lenses is not a problem of eyeballs.

All in all, once wearing contact lenses will lead to deeper and deeper this statement is not accurate, we can not believe this "pseudo-science". Vision correction is necessary, especially for teenagers, early intervention and early treatment can also prevent astigmatism. The same for patients with deep myopia, if it cannot be intervened, it not only affects daily life, but also may accelerate the outbreak of eye diseases.